Marknads- och konsumentanalys Estland

En marknadsanalys av Estland har genomförts i samarbete med Exportrådet i Tallinn. Ett sammandrag av analysen följer här nedan. Ett större utdrag ur marknadsanalysen finns att hämta i pdf-format. En konsumentanalys har också tagits fram med hjälp av IPK International och deras Travel Monitor. Ett sammandrag av konsumentanalysen finns också att hämta i pdf-format.
Sammandrag av analysen ”Travel to Sweden – Market analysis in Estonia”

*Sweden is ranked second after Finland among the top 10 destinations in outgoing travel from Estonia.

*Estonian travel industry is concentrated to a few larger players – approximately 75 % of the trips sold to Sweden are generated by the top 5 travel agencies and tour operators within both individual and group travel.

*Business travels is the biggest sector in individual travel and accounts for more than 50 % of the individual travel volume to Sweden.

*Sweden is today a popular destination due to closeness (short trips) and reasonable prices with ferry cruises, but still the public knowledge of Sweden is very limited, most of them know something about Stockholm.

*The potential for Sweden as travel destination were identified in fields of skiing holidays, individual trips with car for families, senior and student tours, children camps, Gotland, as well as city breaks.

*Packaged trips to Mediterranean or other sun and bath destinations are dominating the Estonian tourism market within leisure travel. Direct charters from Tallinn are very popular and increasing.

*Loyal customer base, homepage on Internet, wide distribution network, local presence, trained sales team and reasonable pricing are biggest key success factors for sales in the industry.

*For Estonian travellers, the most common types of leisure travel to Sweden are boat trip sleeping on board while the most common types of business travel are regular business trips.

*Middle class (3 star) hotel is the most required accommodation for Estonian business travellers while leisure travellers prefers boat trips sleeping on board when they travel to Sweden.

*Travel to Sweden from Estonia intensifies during April to September.

*The key obstacles in travelling to Sweden are the lack of marketing tools and available information for promotion of travel to Sweden as well as the public knowledge of Sweden as a destination is generally low in Estonia.


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